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The Rapha Film Fund

At Rapha my goal has always been to tell authentic, inspiring stories that celebrate cycling with character. That’s why I launched the Rapha Film Fund, a programme designed to help support those with a captivating idea to bring their film to life on Rapha’s YouTube. We encouraged any aspiring filmmakers with an inspiring story about a life lived by bike to send us their pitch. The $25,000 fund was open to filmmakers based in the USA with access to friends, family and heroes who they thought could be the focus of Rapha’s next short film.

Read about the Film Fund here

The recipient

Chad Unger is a Deaf Gay photographer based in Los Angeles.

“The biggest opportunity that the Film Fund will provide me is the chance to tell a story in my own way, with a focus on the communities I am deeply connected with, namely the Deaf and Queer communities. 
I am excited to amplify their stories and share their narratives with a broader audience. I’m also excited about the creative process itself and the chance to explore innovative ways of storytelling, combining my passion for cycling, filmmaking, and the Deaf and Queer communities into a compelling narrative that resonates with people on a personal and emotional level.”