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In July 2021, while his colleagues in the peloton were competing at the Tour de France, EF Education-EasyPost’s Lachlan Morton undertook a challenge of an entirely different kind: the Alt Tour. Riding not for points and prizes but to raise money for World Bicycle Relief, the amicable Aussie covered over 5,000 kilometres, completed every Tour stage and transfer and still beat the peloton back to Paris. Made up of journal entries written on the road by Lachlan, The Dot plots the highs and lows of his incredible journey. From knee pain in the early days of his challenge that led to him replacing his cycling shoes with sandals to an emotional reunion with his father, Lachlan’s intimate account provides a rare insight into the mind of an ultra endurance cyclist.

Commissioning Editor: Samuel Craven
Publishing directors: Tom McMullen and Francois Convercey
Book design: Leo Field with Bruna Osthoff
Editor: Guy Andrews and Samuel Craven
Publishing editor: Taz Darling
Copy editor: Kylie Bielby

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