Samuel Craven Samuel Craven Documentary Filmmaker

La Grande Boucle is cycling’s ultimate challenge, with the biggest audience, the toughest parcours and the most prestigious prize. Last July, for a fresh perspective on what it takes to compete at the world’s greatest bike race, Lachlan Morton took on his own Alt Tour.

Inspired by the inaugural Tour of 1903, he rode every stage and every transfer, covering a distance of 5,500km and climbing over 65,000 metres in just 18 days. Starting just after the first stage, he rode nearly double the distance but still beat the peloton to Paris by four days.

- Live real time 'dot watching' page to track Lachlan and the peloton
- Daily Instagram Stories from the ground
- Helped raise over £500,000 for World Bicycle Relief
- Featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Guardian
- Appeared on ITV, Eurosport, GCN, NBC, SBS

Commissioning Editor & Project Lead: Samuel Craven
Shooter: Jevgeni Repponen
Producer: Kimberley English
Production assistant: Morgane Bigault
Photography: Lucy Le Lievre
With thanks to: Follow My Challenge & Veloviewer