Samuel Craven Samuel Craven Documentary Filmmaker

Palace X Rapha

This time last year, we signed off the season with EF Pro Cycling at the traditional end of year race: the Japan Cup. 2020 could not have been more different as the pandemic put paid to all of our plans and prompted one of the strangest and most surprising editions of the Giro d’Italia in its long and storied history. First off, the race took place not in May but in October, by which time there was snow on the upper slopes of the Stelvio and long shadows cast across the streets of Milan where the race would finish. To make matters more mystifying, EF Pro Cycling’s usual pink livery was gone, replaced only by rumours. As the race got underway in Sicily, there were plenty of questions.

Watch the full film here. 

Self Shooting Director: Samuel Craven
Producer: Fiona Percival 
Editor: Samuel Craven
Colourist: Jevgeni Repponen
Music by: Builder's Tea
Design, photography, digital content: SJ Hockett