Samuel Craven Samuel Craven Documentary Filmmaker

Pace of Change 

Peter Hogan’s life went off the rails when he descended into heroin addiction as a teenager. As he began the road to recovery, he picked up a bicycle. In ‘Pace of Change’ he recounts his journey from overdosing and living a life without hope, to standing on the start line of the 2022 Colorado Trail Race. 

When he was using most heavily, Peter overdosed at least three times: “There was no telling if it was going to be your last shot,” he says. After a wilderness detox retreat helped him to turn his life around he began mountain biking, giving him a connection to the outdoors, a routine and a community of like-minded people. And while racing doesn’t always go as planned, cycling has helped him find the perspective to live a full and meaningful life.

Written feature here, words by Max Leonard. 

Watch the full film here.

Director & DOP Kody Kohlman
Editor & Writer Matt Coddaire
Producer Lilah Ann
Additional Cinematography Andrew Bydlon
Assistant Camera Brent Jacoby
Still Photography Brendan Davis
Music provided by Uhl & Artlist
Post Sound Keith White Audio
Colour Jonnie Sirotek
Commissioning Editor, Rapha Samuel Craven
Creative Producer, Rapha Fiona Percival
Graphic Designer, Rapha Stephen Dalley
Associate Creative Director, Rapha Matt Tucker