Samuel Craven Samuel Craven Documentary Filmmaker

In Tandem

There’s no team quite like L39ION of Los Angeles. Borne from a brotherhood intent on shaking up the sport and creating meaningful change, they’re a team packed full of individuality, but united in more ways than one. Founded by Justin and Cory Williams, intent on driving diversity and inclusion in cycling, the team now boasts two sets of sisters, Skylar and Samantha Schneider, plus Kendall and Alexis Ryan. Exploring the unspoken bond that shared experience brings, this film is an intimate look into what it means to ride beside your sibling, and the untouchable understanding that ties you together.


Directors: Charles Frank & Chrris Lowe
DOP: Leo Maco
Edited by: Austen Deery
Commissioning Editor: Samuel Craven
Producer: Fiona Percival
Production Company: Voyager
Producer: Meliz Yilmaz
Executive Producer: Andrew Hutcheson
Head of Production: Alissa Feldbau
1st AC: Duy Nguyen, Patrick Haley
Audio Mixer: Richard Carlos, Bill Armstrong
PA: Preston Oliver, Ben Hogue
Office PA: Grant Conversano
Music by: Builder's Tea
Sound by: Keith White
Colour by: Jonny Tully @ Cheat
Featuring: L39ION of Lost Angeles